The plant is optimally suited for strongly foaming process waters. It ensures a constant flow velocity and prevents deposits in the heat exchanger.


Evaporator systems are your first choice for a wastewater-free operation. Our evaporators recover up to 98% re-usable high quality distillate, which can be reintroduced into the process cycle or led directly into the sewage system. All our evaporators feature ultimate flexibility and safety, they are easy to use and designed for 24/7 operation.

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Efficient vacuum distillation

The PROWADEST/1 series evaporator systems feature ultimate operational safety combined with ultra high distillate quality. In the system a closed heat cycle ensures high efficiency and low energy consumption. A special pump creates a forced high velocity flow circulation, making this system ideal for treating heavily foaming process waters. Our multi-stage separation system, called cyclone separator, features optimum wastewater cleansing results and ultrahigh operational safety of the vacuum pump and the system as a whole.

How much waste water can be processed?

The PROWADEST/1 series features individual models for wastewater workloads from 6,357 ft³ to over 529,720 ft³ per year.

Suitable for the following process waters:

  • Rinse and active baths from surface treatment
  • Emulsions (coolants and lubricants)
  • Washing and cleaning process waters
  • Process water with release agents
  • Rinse water from crack detection systems
  • Penetrants

PROWADEST special features

  • Very well suited for heavily foaming and salt containing process waters
  • Foam and deposition prevention due to integrated recirculation pump
  • Very low energy consumption due to maximum heat recovery
  • High availability of the plant through effective and automatic cleaning system
  • Compact design and optimum accessibility
  • Optional with “BestDest” technology for best quality of the distillate
  • Latest control system, intuitive operation und easy handling of the machine visualization
  • Available in different materials

PROWADEST accessories

KMU LOFT offers a range of innovative pre-treatment and post-treatment options for process water and distillate, e.g. neutralisation, oil separation, detoxification, and sludge separation. All treatments are customized to meet your individual process and system requirements. Treatments can be integrated into your existing system or they can be used as a fully automated system solution in the evaporator periphery.

KMU LOFT offers a broad range of innovative operating supplies and accessoires. You find additional information on our operating supplies pages.




Waste water free. Free of charge.

One of the business activities of DEWE Brünofix GmbH is contract treatment, which includes bronzing, phosphating and VA black dyeing. Processes that require a considerable amount of rinsing water. So far DEWE Brünofix GmbH has collected this polluted waste water in order to dispose of it properly. 

KMU LOFT Cleanwater SE, a leading specialist in the field of industrial wastewater treatment, has around 30 years of experience in development work. The claim is "cleaning instead of disposal".

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