Electromobility and battery production

The automotive industry is changing. With the transition from combustion engines to electric motors and hydrogen, many production steps are changing.

The trend is toward lightweight materials to increase range. The production of batteries is a new addition.

These diverse production processes generate process water. For example, in the mechanical processing of drive and electric motor components, in die casting, for example for the battery frame mounts, or in electroplating.


Typical process water types:

  1. emulsions (coolants and lubricants)
  2. release agents (aluminum die casting)
  3. wash waters, rinsing and active baths
  4. electroplating, hardening and grinding waters
  5. rinsing water from crack detection systems
  6. process waters from semiconductor production
  7. process water from battery production

Process water treatment as individual as you are

KMU LOFT's evaporator technology produces up to 99% recyclable distillate. This can be recycled and reused in the industrial process, especially in washing and cleaning applications. Recirculation of make-up water for emulsion and release agents is also possible.

KMU LOFT Cleanwater develops a coordinated complete solution for each process water.