Machinery and plant engineering

In mechanical and plant engineering, process water is generated in a wide variety of production processes, for example in the mechanical machining of machine and plant components, in die casting or in electroplating.


Typical process water types:

  1. emulsions (coolants and lubricants)
  2. release agents (aluminum die casting)
  3. wash waters, rinsing and active baths 
  4. electroplating, hardening and grinding waters
  5. rinsing water from crack detection systems

Advantages of process water treatment

With KMU LOFT's evaporator technology, process waters can be purified to produce up to 99% recyclable distillate. The distillate can be fed back into the production process, especially in washing and cleaning applications, and thus reused. Recirculation of make-up water for emulsion and release agent is also possible.

KMU LOFT Cleanwater develops a complete solution tailored to processes and process water.