The energy industry is undergoing change. Nuclear power plants are being taken off the grid and scaled back. There is also a transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

During the dismantling phase of a nuclear power plant, a large amount of radioactively contaminated rinse and process water is produced.


Advantages of process water treatment

A cost-effective and efficient way of reducing the volume of process water is offered by the KLC vacuum evaporators. The distillate, which is free of salt and heavy metals, can be reused for rinsing and cleaning purposes. The small amount of concentrate contaminated with radioactivity is further conditioned for intermediate storage.


Typical process water types:

  1. KTA dismantling/decontamination
  2. process waters from the overhaul of wind turbine rotors and gearboxes
  3. process waters from the overhaul of gas turbines
  4. process waters from solar cell production
  5. process waters from battery production
  6. process waters from biogas plants

Process water treatment as individual as you are

KMU LOFT Cleanwater develops process water treatment tailored to the customer.

The customer can return the purified process water to the production process. This can significantly reduce water consumption and operating costs.