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The „Quality“ of Concentrate

What is the quality of concentrate? One important aspect is the remaining water content of the concentrate. A lower water content normally reduces disposal costs. It may even lead to recycling of valuable raw materials in the concentrate or allows using it as a fuel when the caloric value is sufficient. On the other hand, the operation cost may increase significantly and jeopardize the savings in disposal costs.

Evaporation via a sophisticated MVR results in a comparatively low water content already by itself. There are several ways to further reduce of the liquid content of the concentrate. This can alternatively be achieved either in process or by a post process. KMU LOFT Cleanwater provides a whole set of solutions. Which one to choose? That is a matter of the composition of the process water and the economies involved.

MASTER Line with Superior Results

The first step to a superior quality of the concentrate are the design and the process of the MVR. With our new MASTER Line we achieve even better results in the separation of the distillate and the concentrate. The major components of the evaporator have been designed for an efficient and economical process. This together with a new improved process cycle and features leads to a minimized water content of the concentrate.

PROWADEST and DESTIMAT with an Inline Post-Concentration Process 

The customers of our product lines PROWADEST and DESTIMAT can also reduce the water content in the concentrate in process where this is desired. For example, many customers use a special feature of the PROWADEST line to reduce the water content of oil emulsions. It is an additional process step that cost only little capacity but results in a remarkable reduction of the disposal costs. For all installed PROWADEST machines where the process feature is not used yet, we will be glad to consult the customer on its best use. The DESTIMAT has a similar feature which can reach up to 30% concentrate reduction in an additional in line process step.

DESTIMAT as a Post-Concentrator

In higher volume applications, KMU LOFT Cleanwater uses special DESTIMAT units in a separate post process. The concentrators are evaporators specially equipped for thickening the concentrate. They come in three sizes suited for the volume needs of the customer. There are several installations of these DESTIMAT plants in different industries and around the world already in operation.

Special Post Treatment Units

The highest reduction of water content in the concentrate can be achieved with special evaporators in a post process. KMU LOFT Cleanwater has offered and sold special units for salt-containing process water already for quite some time in cooperation with an experienced partner. With a newly designed plant, we will now also be able to offer a solution for a very high reduction of the water content in oil emulsions.

Whatever the demand and the required quality of the concentrate and an efficient economic process, KMU LOFT Cleanwater has a long-term experience with solutions best suited for the customer demand. We will be happy to work with our customers on the best solution for their requirement.     



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