Large-scale deployment near our location in Hausen im Wiesental comes to a good end

Leaked operating supplies could be absorbed and neutralized

Dear partners and customers,

On Monday, 17.08.2020, there was a major police and fire department operation near our location in Hausen im Wiesental. During the delivery of operating supplies, the driver of the delivering truck noticed that liquid had leaked on the loading area. It was a 50% sodium hydroxide solution (a hazardous material according to GGVS class 8 C5 II UN number 1824). The responsible driver immediately informed the fire department and further damages could be prevented. A hall rented by KMU Loft Cleanwater GmbH for storage and logistics purposes was evacuated and the leaked liquid was absorbed and neutralized by the emergency services.

The police and our dangerous goods officer examined the leaked canister after the operation and there was no doubt that a hole in the canister came from a nail in the euro-pallet.

We would like to thank the driver of the delivering truck, who acted quickly and exemplary. We would also like to thank the numerous emergency services who were immediately on the spot.

We apologize to all neighbors in the vicinity for the inconvenience. Of course we will take care that such an event will not happen again. We have already taken all the necessary measures to guarantee the safe transport of dangerous goods and once again we would like to intensively advise all our suppliers to pack and ship goods in accordance with the applicable regulations.



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